The Adventures of

Little Ben & Casey the Super Cat!

It’s Little Ben’s bedtime, but he doesn’t feel sleepy.

Casey the Super Cat knows exactly what to do!


In today’s excessively electronic world of constant distraction, most of us have lost connection with the value of simply being present.  Based on lessons I learned from my dear friend, the real Casey, the adventures of Casey the Super Cat and little Ben offer an easy, organic, natural, and healthy way to help your child relax and go to sleep.


Animals have the ability to teach if we are willing to listen. Children learn who they are by watching the way the world responds to them.  Animals reflect positive and accepting responses, letting children know they are valued and loved. Establishing loving relationships with animals can provide a road back to being present, self-aware, and peaceful.


Bring your family pet into the adventure, or become Casey the Super Cat yourself, leading your child towards bedtime relaxation with purring, stretching, and deep breathing.


You’ll both benefit in incredible and unimaginable ways.


Little Ben & Casey the Super Cat

Written By Benjamin Burton

Illustrated By Megan Park

About the Author

Dr. Benjamin Burton has been a constant advocate for the environment, animals, and children.​


This fun project weaves together many strands of my life. Casey, Morris, and all companions who've graced my path throughout my life, I am and will be grateful for the lessons you've shared by your presence. To my amazing family, friends, mentors, and teammates, you have been a constant source of guidance and support.


Special mention goes to Meg Park for her help with this project.     


I am sure I omitted others, and I ask them to forgive me. 

Benjamin Burton



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All proceeds go

to no-kill animal shelters!

What a wonderful bedtime story!! The illustrations are fantastic too. The love and compassion a child has with their pet is something that can last a lifetime.​

-K. Sky

Best book ever! It never gets old.


$14,082 RAISED​